Providing Individual and Group Counseling for Substance Use Disorders

~ Where there is hope, there is healing… ~

Cornerstone Recovery is a Christian caring community committed to healing the whole person, body, soul and spirit to those who struggle with addiction.

Cornerstone Recovery provides holistic body, soul and spiritual support for persons affected by substance use disorders and other addictions. The program includes compassionate, consistent individual counseling and structured peer support groups. We offer the latest and best research and evidenced based information, tools and skill building to enhance positive choices for a full, rich life free from addiction.

Call today for a confidentially discuss your situation and arrange for a clinical assessment. Cornerstone will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your physical, emotional, social, and life circumstances and provide treatment, support and referrals for services needed to begin the recovery process. Our professional staff is here to help you and your recovery journey. Call today (907) 339-8760.